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KPUP 4th Comenius Meeting, 7-13 October, Colegiul National "Radu Negru", Fagaras, Romania - One of The Most Rewarding Experiences

The Comenius Week

I can easily say that this week (7-13 October, 2013), has been one of the most rewarding experiences that we have had as students. By having contact with so many foreign visitors we have had the opportunity to improve our English, our speaking and understanding skills, as well as being able to make new friends. At the beginning of their visit we were a little shy knowing that they come from actual capital cities such as Stockholm or Vilnius, and that we might not be able to impress them in any way possible due to living in a small town such as Fagaras.

Fortunately it turned out that our guests were amazed by our cultural and historical objectives, and that they had a lot of fun by visiting them. We quickly became friends, and we started exchanging information about the living in their specific countries, such as how they go to school every week, what hobbies kids of our age have there, the most popular sports, their national personalities and so many other things.

At the end of their visit in Romania, we became so close in terms of friendship that some of us even burst into tears because of the thought that we might never see each other again.

With all this being said, the conclusion is that in this short week we learned a lot of things about their culture and their way of living, and I think they did the same concerning ours, but all this fades when thinking of what great friends we made.

                                                                 Horatiu Szalad
                                                                 XI B, CNRN

A Great Week

The Comenius Week

The Comenius week in Romania was a great one! We had visited a lot of places, saw a lot

 of things with our friends from Sweden, Turkey, Lithuania and Spain. It was awesome that

 we had the chance to talk with each other a lot and to take photos and learn about many

 things, culture, traditions.

Saptamana Comenius in Romania a fost una grozava! Am vizitat multe locuri, am vazut

 multe lucruri cu prietenii nostri din Suedia, Turcia, Lituania si Spania. A fost grozav faptul

 ca am avut sansa sa vorbim cu toti mult, sa facem poze si sa invatam multe lucruri

 despre cultura sau traditii.

Casiana Tudor

Those Countries Are Very Beautiful

                                                                    About KPUP

I think that this project is very interesting and by it I can learn a lot; it teaches us to communicate with others in English. We have met with other students from other countries and we have spoken with them in English. We have had the chance to know other types of people, it is so interesting!
We are learning to speak English better, we are learning more practical things, in this way, too.
Although I wasn't involved in all the Comenius activities and I wasn't I won't be travelling to any of the countries of this European partnership, I feel good about this project and I have a very good opinion about those students who came here in October, 2013. Sometimes I speak with them on Facebook.
Those countries are very beautiful and I like the people who live there. I wish I could go and visit them sometime in the future.
My friends in my class are happy because the are traveling, I am happy too, because I am proud of my school, of my English teacher and of my colleagues.

                                                        Impresiile mele despre KPUP

    Eu cred ca acest proiect este foarte interesant si ne invata sa comunicam in engleza.
    Ne intalnim cu alti elevi din alte tari si avem sansa sa cunoastem alte tipuri de oameni, este foarte interesant! Invatam sa vorbim engleza mai bine, cred. si invatam si lucruri practice.
Desi nu am fost in toate activitatiile, in nici o excursie, mi-am facut o parere foarte buna despre acesti elevi implicati in proiect, despre cei care au venit aici in octombrie 2013 si vorbesc uneori cu ei pe Facebook.
    Aceste tari din parteneriat sunt foarte frumoase si imi plac, as vrea sa pot merge si acolo in viitor.
    Prietenii mei din clasa sunt foarte fericiti deoarece calatoresc. Dar si eu sunt fericita, sunt mandra de scoala mea, de profesoara mea de engleza si de colegii mei!

                                                           Alexandra Naica,
                                                           XI B, CNRN


Creativity and Hard Work

                                          ABOUT "KPUP" COMENIUS

    Unfortunately, I could not be present at all the activities that reflected some well done and beautiful work, but I understand that something very beautiful needs some good words to be described. I will try here to say something about this project.
   I was present at the rehearsals of the plays for the Comenius Meeting in Romania, Fagaras. They showed creativity and hard work. it was something special and my schoolmates and myself learned more about many things such as: communication, friendship, understanding and drama.
   This project made us know how to work together, to be united and capable of understanding others who are sometimes very different from us.
   My guess is that such projects are very useful and we can learn so much and faster than we usually do in our classes.

                                                   COMENIUS KPUP

Din păcate, nu am putut fi prezenta la toata această activitate, dar am înțeles că a fost foarte frumos si de aceea o sa descriu aici in cateva cuvinte ceea ce am facut eu si ceea ce am auzit ca s-a intamplat in acea saptamana.
Da, am fost prezenta la repetitii pentru piesele de teatru care au cerut creativitate si multa multa munca, iar in final au fost foarte frumoase si interesante.
Din ce am inteles eu si ceea ce am vorbit cu colegii mei, deduc ca aceasta munca a fost ceva special si ei au invatat multe lucruri cum ar fi: comunicare, prietenie, intelegere, arta si multe altele.
Acest proiect ne-a facut sa stim cum sa lucram impreuna, să fim uniți și asa sa ne intelegem cu altii, uneori atat de diferiti. Parerea mea este ca proiectele ca acesta pe care il realizam acum sunt foarte utile și ne pot învăța multe lucruri, mai repede si mai usor decat la ore.

                                                                         Maria Comaniciu
                                                                          XI B CNRN

A Different Week

A Different Week

In October, 2013, when students from four countries arrived in our small town, I had a very special week... I met people from different cultural backgrounds and I was so happy I could talk with them. 

Another important thing is that I learnt a little more history and I saw places which I’d never seen. It was the first time when I had gone in Sighisoara, a little old city, and there I saw the famous Dracula's house, where Vlad Tepes was born. I visited the Bran Castle, where Vlad Dracul lived for some time, they say. I really was in high spirits because of the jokes we made and I also remembered and shared with the other students some things that had happened to me there before, when I had been there for the first time.

A special moment of this week was when I played in a 5 minute play with my team. I was so emotional and anxious but everything turned out well and I had the opportunity to see other short plays which were created and performed by the students from the other countries. We went on having fun even after the show because later there was a little Comenius party at a restaurant nearby and it was so amazing. We listened to good music and we danced on different songs, specific to each country represented in our project.

I was so sad on the last day of the Comenius week, because it was the end of some really great time but I took a lot of photos and now when I want to remember those special moments I simply take some minutes off to just look at them and ponder.

O saptamana diferita

      In octombrie, cand au venit elevi din patru tari, a fost o saptamana speciala pentru mine. Am intalnit persoane de culturi diferite si am fost fericita pentru ca am putut vorbi cu cativa dintre ei.
      Unul  din lucrurile importante este ca in acea saptamana am invatat istorie si am vazut locuri pe care niciodata nu le-am mai vazut. Am fost pentru prima oara in Sighisoara, un oras mic si vechi, unde am vazut faimoasa casa a lui Vlad Tepes, dar in alte tari este cunoscut ca si Dracula. In alta zi am fost la castelul Bran, unde a trait mult timp Vlad Tepes,  si am fost foarte fericita pentru ca mi-am amintit de prima data cand am fost acolo.
       Un alt moment special din acea saptamana a fost atunci cand am jucat intr-o sceneta de teatru alaturi de colegii mei. Am avut multe emotii dar pana la urma totul a iesit bine si am avut ocazia sa vad si scenetele elevilor straini, iar distractia a continuat la petrecerea organizata dupa scenete. Am ascultat muzica buna si am dansat pe diferite melodii din fiecare tara din proiect.
      Am fost suparata in ultima zi deoarece era sfarsitul acelei saptamani dar  am facut multe fotografii si cand vreau sa-mi amintesc de acele momente ma uit  la ele.

                                                            Elena Pepelea
                                                            XI B, CNRN

We Could Talk with Those Students

Comenius Week

       During the visit of the foreign delegations from Sweden, Turkey, Spain and Lithuania in Romania I was very excited. Because at that time we could talk to those students from other countries. I liked this experience because we were able to organise many activities such as: plays, contests, projects, trips and others. Even if I did not participate in all the activities of the Comenius project I liked very much this week and I wish I could participate in the future in other European partnerships.

                                                           Saptamana Comenius  
    In timpul vizitei strainilor din proiectul  Comenius in Romania, am fost foarte entuziasmata . Deoarece  in acea perioada noi am vorbit cu elevi din alte tari.
    Mi-a  placut aceasta experienta intruat am organizat multe activitati ca piese de teatru, proiecte, excursii si altele. Chiar daca nu am participat la toate activitatiile, mi-a placut foarte  mult aceasta saptamana. 

Roxana Cabel, XI B

Some Exciting Trips

The Comenius Week
I liked the Comenius week because I could met people from others country and I realized that the language was not a problem.  We went on some exciting trips and I could know them better. I also learnt a lot of things about them, about their culture and their habits. Me and my colleagues attended some activities and did some projects about my country, my school and my region.

Alexandru Mandan

 clasa a XI-a  B Colegiul Național
“Radu Negru” Făgăraș

One of the Most Beautiful and Interesting Experiences of My Life


        This project is and has been one of the most beautiful and interesting experiences of my life.
I personally have learned many things from teams from Turkey, Sweden, Lithuania and Spain, which have helped me to see life in a different and pleasant way.
         It doesn't matter from what country you're from, how your name is, or what you're doing. What matters is how you are as a human, how you know to collaborate, to make new friends and get you in touch with them for a long time.
I am proud because I am involved in this project and I would like to meet with them again, why not?

Rinea-Ioana Maria

The Best Week

Comenius Week

                 That week was the best in the first semester! I have nothing to complain of. I met a lot of new people and made new friends. The Spanish, the Swedish, the Lithuanians and the teachers from the Turkish delegations stayed at a hotel in Sambata Complex. The students from Turkey stayed at host families here in Fagaras

By Tuesday the delegations visited our town and school and I think they liked what they saw. On Wednesday, after the project contest at school we went to the Stronghold of Fagaras and there each delegation had to present a play. After that, we went to a restaurant where we had an after party. All I can say is that the students loved it and some teachers danced and laughed with us. They liked the music and the atmosphere and even the traditional food, I think.

On a few nights we meet and went out with the Turkish students to show them the town and the places were we spend our free time in weekends for example. On Thursday my colleagues went on a trip to Sighisoara with the delegations. I heard it was fun. On Friday we went to the Bran Castle where the famous Vlad Tepes a.k.a. Dracula lived for some time.  On Saturday we went to Sibiu city were we visited a few museums and had lunch. On the way home, we stopped at Balea Lake up in the mountains. We could buy souvenirs and take pictures.

That is a week I will never forget. I’ve made a lot of new friends especially from Turkey and Lithuania. Even now, after months I still keep in touch with them.

                                                                        Arthur Ungur,
                                                             XI B, CNRN

A Unique Experience

KPUP Project

            In my opinion this project is very interesting and is a unique experience that you must take advantage of. Through this project I had the opportunity to learn about traditions, culture and religions of the other countries. I also learned that Romania is similar to some countries involved in the project.
             A European project gives you the opportunity to travel in a foreign country , improve your English and meet new people. The week in which students and teachers came from all countries involved in the project was great and I am glad to be part of this project.

                    Proiectul KPUP
In  opinia  mea acest  proiect  este  foarte  interesant  si este o experienta unica de care trebuie sa profiti. Eu cred ca prin acest proiect am avut oportunitatea  sa invat despre traditiile, culturile si religile altor tari. De asemenea am invatat ca Romania este la fel  ca  celalate  tari implicate in proiect.
Un proiect european iti da sansa  sa calatoresti in tari staine, sa iti imbunatatesti  engleza  si sa intalnesti oameni noi. Saptamana in care   profesorii  si   elevii  au venit din  toate tarile implicate in proiect  a fost grozava si sunt bucuroasa sa fac parte din acest proiect.

Diana Lingea

vineri, 24 ianuarie 2014

I Learnt More

                                   KPUP Comenius Project

In my opinion a Comenius multilateral project is a unique experience and we must take full advantage of it. Through the KPUP project (2012- 2014), I've had the  opportunity to learn about the traditions, the culture and the religions of four different countries. I also learnt more about Romania and that it is similar in a few ways to the countries involved in the project.

I believe that such a European thing gives us all the opportunity not just to travel in a foreign country, but also to improve our English and to meet new people by our Facebook group or by being present when they come and visit our school, as it happened in October, 7-13, 2013. The week when more than 30 students and teachers came from the four foreign countries involved in the project was really great because I could see my Facebook KPUP friends and find out lots of new things about them and why not, about our own country.  For me, being part of this project is like being part of something really nice.

They Came, They Saw, They Conquered Our Hearts

     They Came, They Saw, They Conquered Our Hearts

For me the week 7-13 October was a wonderful experience. All the field trips we made were to fun and interesting places. It was a pleasure for me to meet so many new people from other countries. They were very well behaved and funny people, they liked the places which we visited a lot. I myself hadn’t seen some of the sites we visited so I was very intrigued and curious most of times.

There were two activities which I particularly enjoyed. First, the night we all went dancing we ate good food and had lots of fun. Our visitors were very excited, they learnt our dances very quickly and they would have danced all night long. Second, the artistic moment of the play contest inside the hall of the Fagaras fortress. The students from every visiting country presented a play and we presented four, one dedicated to each Comenius partner. All plays were great and interesting, some were funny and others were breathtaking. There were lots of applauses which made it a lot easier to perform.

I had a wonderful time and I hope to see every one of our visitors again soon.

                         Au venit, au vazut, ne-au cucerit inimile 

Pentru mine a fost o experienta grozava si m-am distrat de minune. Toate excursiile noastre au fost in locuri frumoase si interesantesi m-am distrat intalnind multi oameni noi din alte tari. Acesti oameni erau foarte interesanti, amuzanti si respectuosi, si s-au distrat in locurile vizitate. A fost prima oara cand vedeam unele din locurile pe care le-am vizitat, prin urmare am fost foarte curios si captivat pe durata calatoriilor.

Dintre multitudinea de activitati la care am luat parte, au fost doua care mi-au placut in mod special. Una dinte acestea o reprezinta seara cand impreuna cu vizitatorii nostrii am mers la restaurantul Laguna Albastra unde am dansat pana la epuizare si am gustat diferite macaruri delicioase. Oaspetii nostrii s-au bucurat foarte tare de aceasta seara, au invatat dansurile romanesti rapid si ar fi putut dansa toata noaptea. Al doilea moment ar fi ziua cand in Crama Cetatii Fagarasului am vizionat piese de teatru. Fiecare tara vizitatoare a trebuit sa prezinte o piesa de teatru iar noi patru, una pentru fiecare dintre cele patru tari straine din proiect. Toate scenetele au fost frumoase si interesante, unele erau amuzante altele incredibil de captivante desi nu se bazau pe comedie. Publicul a fost foarte prietenos, atatandu-si multumirea si politetea prin aplaudarea fiecarei piese de teatru.

A fost o experienta nemaipomenita si sper sa ii revad pe oaspetii nostri cat mai curand.

                                                                      Catalin Nicula

                                                                        XI B, CNRN

That Week Was Awesome

7-13 October 2013

     That week was awesome, I met people who were very kind and I visited some beautiful places here.
      Firstly, I would say that everything was very well organized. From the simple lunch to the trips we made. We all knew where, when and how much time we would stay.
       Secondly, the places where we went were very well chosen, reflecting our culture, our most specific outlook and our mentality. Our guests were very excited, they were looking at every single thing with interest, for example, when we visited the "Astra" Museum in Sibiu; they were overwhelmed by the Romanian originality of the peasant wooden houses and I think they could imagine how our villages were like in the past, how and why they were built so. They could also see the reason they are now displayed in the open museum.
       I would say that I had a blast time that whole week, dedicating myself to our guests from Sweden, Turkey, Spain and Lithuania. I met so many new people, I made so many friends and could say that the week 7-13 October made my year.

                          7-13 Octombrie 2013

Aceasta saptamana a fost extraordinara, am intalnit oameni foarte prietenosi si am vizitat niste locuri extraordinare.
        In primul rand as vrea sa spun  ca totul in aceasta saptamana a fost foarte bine organizat : de la simpla masa la calatorii. Toti am stiut unde, cand vom merge si cat timp vom sta.
        In al doilea rand , locurile pe care le-am vizitat au fost foarte bine alese, ele aratandu-le strainilor exact cultura noastra si unele din cele mai frumoase locuri. In aceste locuri oaspetii nostri au fost incantati de tot, ei privind cu interes, un exemplu ar fi momentul in care am vizitat Muzeul Astra, cand acestia erau foarte incantati sa vada acele case ,care odata se gaseau in sate.
        In conzluzie, as spune ca m-am simtit minunat in acea saptamana, am intalnit atatia oameni, mi-am facut atatia prieteni si as putea sa spun ca in aceasta saptamna m-am simtit cel mai bine din tot anul.

                                         Maria Fatu

                                       XI B, CNRN

More about Different Countries

           This Comenius project is primarily important for us, in the fact that we can know other people whom we can maintain a long friendship and exchange of experiences.

         Through this project we may see more about different countries, even the little things like money, how they look and so on. We can see their families in their homes, but also get them in our homes. We can visit the cities where they live and know what they do it in their spare time. 

           Proiectul Comenius este în primul rând important pentru noi,  ne ofera sansa prin care putem cunoaște alte persoane si cu care sa închegam o lungă prietenie,  un schimb de experiență.
           Prin acest proiect putem vedea diferite țări, sa aflam chiar și despre lucruri ca felul in
care isi cheltuie banii sau cum arata familiile lor, casele lororașele în care trăiesc și ce fac în timpul lor liber.

                                                          Sergiu Rosca
                                                           XI B CNRN

I Learnt about Their Traditions and Culture

About the KPUP Comenius Week

For me the Comenius week in Romania (7-13 October 2013) was a special one because I met people from other countries and I made new friends. I learned about their traditions and culture  and the way they live. At school we did various interesting activities which helped us to know each other better to initiate real face to face communication and we found what we have in common and what is different in our countries and schools. I also made new friends. 
 I am glad to say that by this project I have learned more English and I have found more about the customs and religions of other peoples and other countries.

Pentru mine saptamana Comenius in Romania a fost speciala pentru ca am intalnit si m-am imprietenit cu oameni din alte tari. Am invatat despre obiceiurile oamenilor cu alta religie din alte tari. In saptamana Comenius, la scoala au fost multe activitati interesante care ne-au facut sa ne cunoasteam mai bine si am aflat ce am avut in comun si diferentele din tarile si scolile noastre. Am intalnit oameni din alte tari si mi-am facut noi prieteni. 
Sunt bucuros sa spun ca prin acest proiect am invatat mai multa engleza si am aflat mai multe despre obiceiurile si traditile oamenilor din alte tari.

                                                                                                                         Dragos Draghiciu                                                                                                                                    XI  B CNRN

One of the Most Useful Experiences


        Like all the participants in the KPUP Comenius project, I believe the experience of October 2013 in Romania was a great one. I believe it is also one of the most useful experiences in my life which helped me to improve my English and not only. Even though I was not directly involved (I will not participate in any mobility), this experience helped me in many ways. The information we got from the participant countries is not available on the internet or in books; you can discover their mentality and behavior only communicating directly with them.                                                          
    I’m sure our guests had a wonderful time in our company and our country surprised  them. Unfortunately, their initial opinion was not a very good one, but surely this meeting made them change their mind, perhaps they can now appreciate our culture and our people in a more positive way. If I had the chance I’d like to repeat this experience, I will always have something to learn from such school projects.

                            Vizitele Comenius

La fel ca pentru toti participantii  din proiectul Comenius, aceasta experienta a fost una din cele mai folositoare, care m-a ajutat sa imi imbunatatesc cunostiintele la limba engleza. Chiar daca nu am fost implicat in mod direct si nu voi participa in mobilitati, aceasta experienta m-a ajutat in multe privinte. Informatia care am primit-o de la elevii participanti din celelalte tari nu o putem gasi pe internet sau in carti, poti descoperi comportamentul lor doar comunicand direct cu ei. Sunt sigur ca oaspetii nostrii s-au simtit minunat in compania noastra iar tara noastra i-a uimit. Din nefericire, opinia lor initiala nu era una foarte buna dar sigur aceasta experienta i-a facut sa aprecieze cultura si oamenii din tara noastra

                                       Sergiu Sovaila
                                           XI  B CNRN

The Meeting in Romania - Very Well Organised

                                        The Meeting in Romania - Very Well Organised

My opinion about the project is very good. The meeting in Romania (October, 2013) was very well organized, and everybody had so much fun. I had the chance to meet new and very nice people, I had many wonderful moments with them. I can say that I learnt many interesting things about the Turkish traditions and their lifestyle, but I also learnt something special about the other participants.

I believe the Turkish students had a nice time in our families and discovered our way of life and our traditions, which were very interesting for them. I am very glad that I have been a part of this project which has helped me a lot to improve my English and learn so much about the history, the religion and the literature of other countries.

              Am o parere foarte buna despre acest proiect. Intalnirea a fost foarte bine organizata si toata lumea s-a distrat. Am avut sansa sa intalnesc oameni noi si foarte de treaba cu care am avut momente de neuitat. Pot sa spun ca am invatat multe lucruri interesante despre traditiile din Turcia si stilul lor de viata, dar am invatat cate ceva si din celelalte traditii.
              Cred ca elevii au fost foarte bine cazati la familii si au descoperit traditile noastre, care au fost interesante pentru ei. Sunt foarte bucuros ca iau parte la acest proiect care m-a ajutat sa imi imbunatatesc engleza si sa invat multe lucruri despre istoria religia si literatura altor tari.

       Catalin Ivascu
 clasa a XI-a  B Colegiul Național
“Radu Negru” Făgăraș

Everybody in This Project Is Friendly

                           Comenius Week
This project, Knowing the Past to Understand the Present, is the first of this type which I participate into and I  feel I must say that I regret nothing! Everybody in this project is very friendly and sociable. So far we have achieved our objectives and 21 mobilities in Spain, Turkey and Sweden. Now some of us will soon visit Lithuania. Wherever we have gone, we have always been proud to be Romanians and meet so many good friends. 

When they came to Romania, in October, 2013, we did a lot of interesting things like short theater plays, trips to cities like Brasov, Sibiu or Sighisoara. Even if we have a small and not very developed town (Fagaras), they seemed to be pleased with what they saw here. Perhaps they liked our simplicity and our nature.

There are so many in my school and in my class who have dedicated a lot of time to this project, especially our teacher of English. Dear teacher, I think it's worth the effort since in this project we have learnt so much, more English, you know. Besides, we had the chance to meet people from different cultures, having other religions, other customs and mentalities and we have learnt to deal with them pretty well.


Acest proiect este primul de acest tip in care particip, și trebuie să spun că nu regret nimic!Toată lumea din fiecare țară este foarte prietenoasa și sociabila. Până în prezent, au existat mobilități în Turcia, Suedia și România urmand Lituania și Spania (in care voi merge) Abia aștept călătoria mea în Spania pentru că nu am mai vizitat aceasta tara și eu sunt foarte curios sa intalnesc poporului spaniol și țara lor. 

Când au venit în România, am făcut o mulțime de lucruri interesante, cum ar fi mici scenete de teatru, excursii la orașe precum Brașov sau Sighișoara.
Chiar dacă avem un oraș mic (Fagaras), păreau să fie mulțumiti, fericiti și nu plictisiti.

Toată lumea din clasa mea si multi din școală a dedicat timp  acestui proiect, inclusiv profesoara noastra, care a coordonat totul si sper a meritat efortul pentru a am ivatat o multime de lururi si mai multa engleza
In acest proiect avem șansa de a întâlni oameni cu o cultură, religie sau obiceiuri diferite de ale noastre.

      Matei Tanase
 clasa a XI-a  B Colegiul Național
“Radu Negru” Făgăraș

We Did Good

Comenius in Fagaras

I think that he week when the Comenius team visited Romania was the best week of the first semester. Even though I couldn’t attend all the activities it was a fun and a new experience. I don’t know about the others but I had a lot of fun.
The first day was harder because of the presentations but we figured out somehow and we did good. I would have loved to go with them while they were visiting our school but it seems that some classes aren’t that skippable as others.  Also the third day was awesome but challenging because of the play contest. We did pretty well as everyone said, in fact we were emotional and maybe we just forgot what we were doing. The after party was a great idea to approach each other.
Even though I’d have liked to join the Comenius team on all their trips and I couldn’t,  I tried to help as much as I could.
            Thank you teacher!


       Catalin Lupe
 clasa a XI-a  B Colegiul Național
“Radu Negru” Făgăraș

Freedom to Dream


For me,the KPUP (Knowing the Past to Understand the Present) project is a special one because you can find out many new things.
The week when the students from Lithuania,Turkey, Sweden and Spain came in Romania was very interesting because I found out a lot of stuff about those foreign countries,stuff like culture, educational systems and so on.
By this project I realised the differences and similarities between the participant countries, I have bettered my language and I have understood that we can make new friends no matter what nations we represent.
From my point of view, this project is a unique chance in life that offers you the freedom to dream and think that there are peaceful solutions to all kinds of problems.


 Lingea Mădălina
 clasa a XI-a  B Colegiul Național
“Radu Negru” Făgăraș