vineri, 24 ianuarie 2014

I Learnt More

                                   KPUP Comenius Project

In my opinion a Comenius multilateral project is a unique experience and we must take full advantage of it. Through the KPUP project (2012- 2014), I've had the  opportunity to learn about the traditions, the culture and the religions of four different countries. I also learnt more about Romania and that it is similar in a few ways to the countries involved in the project.

I believe that such a European thing gives us all the opportunity not just to travel in a foreign country, but also to improve our English and to meet new people by our Facebook group or by being present when they come and visit our school, as it happened in October, 7-13, 2013. The week when more than 30 students and teachers came from the four foreign countries involved in the project was really great because I could see my Facebook KPUP friends and find out lots of new things about them and why not, about our own country.  For me, being part of this project is like being part of something really nice.

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