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That Week Was Awesome

7-13 October 2013

     That week was awesome, I met people who were very kind and I visited some beautiful places here.
      Firstly, I would say that everything was very well organized. From the simple lunch to the trips we made. We all knew where, when and how much time we would stay.
       Secondly, the places where we went were very well chosen, reflecting our culture, our most specific outlook and our mentality. Our guests were very excited, they were looking at every single thing with interest, for example, when we visited the "Astra" Museum in Sibiu; they were overwhelmed by the Romanian originality of the peasant wooden houses and I think they could imagine how our villages were like in the past, how and why they were built so. They could also see the reason they are now displayed in the open museum.
       I would say that I had a blast time that whole week, dedicating myself to our guests from Sweden, Turkey, Spain and Lithuania. I met so many new people, I made so many friends and could say that the week 7-13 October made my year.

                          7-13 Octombrie 2013

Aceasta saptamana a fost extraordinara, am intalnit oameni foarte prietenosi si am vizitat niste locuri extraordinare.
        In primul rand as vrea sa spun  ca totul in aceasta saptamana a fost foarte bine organizat : de la simpla masa la calatorii. Toti am stiut unde, cand vom merge si cat timp vom sta.
        In al doilea rand , locurile pe care le-am vizitat au fost foarte bine alese, ele aratandu-le strainilor exact cultura noastra si unele din cele mai frumoase locuri. In aceste locuri oaspetii nostri au fost incantati de tot, ei privind cu interes, un exemplu ar fi momentul in care am vizitat Muzeul Astra, cand acestia erau foarte incantati sa vada acele case ,care odata se gaseau in sate.
        In conzluzie, as spune ca m-am simtit minunat in acea saptamana, am intalnit atatia oameni, mi-am facut atatia prieteni si as putea sa spun ca in aceasta saptamna m-am simtit cel mai bine din tot anul.

                                         Maria Fatu

                                       XI B, CNRN

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