joi, 16 ianuarie 2014

Sorry to Depart


       For me this project was a real experience. What I felt during the project was similar to what I felt when I saw the show "Swap of Mothers".
     That emotion and fear you have when something new is taking place... Indeed, I learned new things. I discovered things I have not known until now, about the traditions of each country participating in the project.
    The most important thing was that I found people who had their initial opinions about my country not really OK, but being able to stay with us for a week, these impressions have changed if not radically at least partially. I think that when they left our country they were a little bit sorry to depart.
    To tell you the truth, I am not in any mobility but I`m glad I did something for this project because I' ve had the opportunity to learn more English and make new friends, very different from me, but nice and great.

Diana Cornea 
 clasa a XI-a  B Colegiul Național
“Radu Negru” Făgăraș

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