vineri, 17 ianuarie 2014

Learning in a Practical Way


         Have you ever thought about how things would be if teaching was different? What if the means would change? I believe that it is best to learn things in a more practical way. This is what I, myself, experienced in the Comenius week in Romania and also during my activities within the KPUP project. If you ask me, the days that I spent talking to other students prepared me better than the years I spent learning English in school.
       Learning in a practical way is more efficient than in the theoretical one.I have nothing but good words to describe this experience. I met a lot of people and I made new friends.The activity was well organized so everyone knew what they were supposed to do. We also went on a lot of trips and that’s why I got the chance to visit my own country, a chance that I wouldn’t have got without the opportunity which this project offered me. I am very grateful that I had the chance to participate into it and contribute with my own effort to make it happen.
        We had to do lots of activities that helped us discover new skills or that revealed us those qualities we already had. In our group, there were lots of young students, everyone different and special in his or her own way and we all came to know each and every one of them.
        That is why I’d like to say here that, in a nutshell, the Comenius week offered me great opportunities which I definitely learned a lot from.

Alexandra Florescu
 clasa a XI-a  B Colegiul Național
“Radu Negru” Făgăraș

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