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KPUP 4th Comenius Meeting, 7-13 October, Colegiul National "Radu Negru", Fagaras, Romania - One of The Most Rewarding Experiences

The Comenius Week

I can easily say that this week (7-13 October, 2013), has been one of the most rewarding experiences that we have had as students. By having contact with so many foreign visitors we have had the opportunity to improve our English, our speaking and understanding skills, as well as being able to make new friends. At the beginning of their visit we were a little shy knowing that they come from actual capital cities such as Stockholm or Vilnius, and that we might not be able to impress them in any way possible due to living in a small town such as Fagaras.

Fortunately it turned out that our guests were amazed by our cultural and historical objectives, and that they had a lot of fun by visiting them. We quickly became friends, and we started exchanging information about the living in their specific countries, such as how they go to school every week, what hobbies kids of our age have there, the most popular sports, their national personalities and so many other things.

At the end of their visit in Romania, we became so close in terms of friendship that some of us even burst into tears because of the thought that we might never see each other again.

With all this being said, the conclusion is that in this short week we learned a lot of things about their culture and their way of living, and I think they did the same concerning ours, but all this fades when thinking of what great friends we made.

                                                                 Horatiu Szalad
                                                                 XI B, CNRN

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