vineri, 17 ianuarie 2014

This Week Was Perfect


 I can say that the Comenius project:  “Knowing the Past to Understand the Present ”  is not a simple project where only one person is supposed to go or work, on the contrary,  it’s a project for so many of us. To me this Comenius project is a new chance to learn new things. The Romania meeting (7th 14th October, 2013) was a great experience because we were able to demonstrate our knowledge and what level of English we have. Another thing which is really important is that when we tried to communicate with these people, we tried to do the best.

To communicate is one of the most important things because when we communicate  we make friends,  we learn new things and view more about what we don’t know. For me the meeting in our country was perfect because we weren’t  stressed by our teachers to do the best at their classes . Another perspective is that we made some beautiful trips to Sighisoara, Brasov and Bran. On these trips we made friends and talked with them.Another experience was the play contest we organized, we had to learn our roles and to play our role in front of all those people coming from the four different countries (Spain, Lithuania, Sweden, Turkey). All in all, I want to say that this week was perfect, from all points of view.  


 Ioan Marcu
 clasa a XI-a  B Colegiul Național
“Radu Negru” Făgăraș

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