vineri, 24 ianuarie 2014

I Made New Friends


       I think this project  “Knowing the Past to Understand to Present” is a very important project since it gives you the opportunity to travel to other countries,to meet other people and it enriches your English vocabulary and your communication skills. The week in  October, 2013, when teams from Turkey, Sweden, Lithuania and  Spain came in Romania was an interesting week, full of activities in school and out  town.
            Even if I was not directly involved in this project, I could to learn something  about their culture, religion and traditions, I could discover each country represented in the project. The week when they stayed in Romania gave me  the chance to see the differences between us, of religion and language, but also the fact that we have a lot in common, from a cultural point of view, from a European point of view. That is why I made new friends.Thanks to this project I found interesting every educational system in each country.

 Irina Lingea
 clasa a XI-a  B Colegiul Național
“Radu Negru” Făgăraș

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